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Still with the same topic… I am stress recently… ape lagi.. dua org abg ipar aku tu mengeluarkan ayat yang sesedap mulut..  aku tak bersalah, tapi jadi mangsa keadaan..

kisahnya nya mcm ni, bulan april aritu… i went to Jakel Jln Tar with my mum and sister to shop for baju raya. I decided to bring together my sis in law who is studying near my place as i thought she might bored staying in the hostel during the weekend. I planned to buy baju raya for my sister, sisters in law, my mother in law, and my auntie in law, one each, sbb i think i dah kerja, i have money now, so i can bought baju raya for them, just to make them happy and share what i have.

so, 9 a.m., i fetched my sis in law, around 10 a.m. we went to jln tar. Straight forward we went to jakel coz my mum cannot walk/stand for more than 2 hours, she having problem with her knees. So, masing2 sebuk memilih,,, kebetulan ari tuh ade sale, org ramai. Lastly, my mum, my sis, and myself dah siap memilih, tp my sis in law x pilih lagi which kain yang dia nak, i gave her hint la, cepat, cepat, i told her like that as i was afraid my mum cannot wait any longer and we have to leave the shop without any pair of baju raya for her. Tapi biasalah, dia memilih and quiete fussy.

Last2 la ada 2 pasang kain dia berkenan, and dia nak dua2 dua pasang tu. I try to give hint to her  amik satu jer.. tapi dia berdegil nak dua2 gak, masa tu my mum and my sis were with us, so i cannot speak to her directly. ye la kan, i kena cover la air muka i and air muka my sis in law dpn my mum.

Sampai tahap dia cakap to me, “tak peduli, nak dua2 jugak!”

I cakap la “lari bajet, kak lin bajet sorg satu jer”,

She replied “kalo tak cukup, mintak la dengan abg bir (her brother who is my hubby)”.

I answered. “kalau abg bir tak nak bayar?”,

She replied “tak peduli, abg bir nak bayar ke tak, nurul nak jugak!”

masa tu i looked at my mum face, dia senyum jer. My sis geleng kepala. I was very very very shame. It showed kedegilan dia, and i was unable to manage her.  Aku malu la, coz my sis dapat sepasang jer, yang lain pun sepasang, mama aku langsung la aku x masuk kan dalam bajet, tapi si nurul ni dapat 2. Aku try cover lg, sbb aku tak nak my sis and my mum pikir macam2, like aku lebihkan family husben, lebih kan adik ipar dari adik sendiri.

So aku try cover lg, sampai rumah, i told her, “baju yang ni bg kak lin la, nurul kan ada dua”. Dia jawab dengan membentak, “kalu gitu amik dua2 la. Baik tak payah!”

Argh…. aku give dah masa tuh.. lagi byk aku ckp, lg la byk menunjukkan degil dia depan mama n billa. So, pas tuh aku x ckp dah. aku cerita la kat hubby on the nite what was happened. I told him for the sake dia boleh tolong tegur adik dia, so it would not happen again in front of my mum and sis. My hubby pulak g cerita kat mak dia, sbb masa tu awek tu dah nak balik kg, so harap mak boleh monitor.

Suddenly, after 2 months, saat me and my hubby dah lupa kisah tu, my brothers in law called and cakap kat my hubby, “cakap dgn elin,lain kali tak payah bagi ape2. ” They claimed i am mengungkit what i had given to their family. Worst, dia cakap “pasni ni cakap dengan elin, tak payah bg duit ke nurul lagi, Stakat 2-300, mu (kau) bayar balik kat elin.” The worst among the worst, diorang cakap kat my hubby, cari (isteri) lain la…

Oh my God… To encik Z and Z, please be informed saya tak pernah ungkit ape yang saya dah bg. Tolong siasat dulu apa yang terjadi..just imagined macam mana ek kalu saya ckp kat encik Z and Z cari bini lain la, x boleh harap bini mu tuh… sedangkan pada hakikatnya u know your wife is not like that as what being said by others… what do you feel? i am sure you will angry, damn sad as what me and my hubby are facing rite now.

emm.. slowly i am losing respect to both of them.. because they always created incorrect stories about me and interfere my marriage relationship. Me and my hubby are happy with our way, tp ade org lain pulak yang tak happy dan nak tengok kami bergaduh, bercerai.. My hubby suruh sabar jer, he is always like that, org amik kesempatan and kenakan dia pun dia sabar jer.. so, x pe la… wait and see je laa…

kenape la ade orang yang akan sentiasa menabur fitnah atas org lain…kenapa nak masuk campur hal orang lain? kenapa x biarkan je orang tu bahagia dengan cara dan kehidupan dia? kenape?

MQA Quality Assessment

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Ari ni gan esok are MQA quality assessment tempat aku kerja ni.. tp dis time only for sijil level la.. so, sbb aku ni kerja dua alam, aku pun terlibat la…

masa interview, aku masuk dan 7 org lecturer yang lain… bila kena turn aku.. perh… aku x dpt jwb satu soalan pasal IEP… ala, actually menda tu ade dlm syllbus.. tp details pasal tu x de… cuma tertulis as main point je.. aku cuma pernah dgr IEP.. tapi ape menatang iep tu aku x tau.. tetibe ari ni panelists tu nak tanya pulak…. aku g jawab Economic Plan. yg mana sebenarnya Educational Plan…. wakakakakakakakakakakakakkakaka….  pas je interview tu aku buka la syllabus sbb rasa2 pernah tgk dlm topic utk weeks hujung2 semester… sah betul la…. IEP stands for educational educational plan… apalagi.. terbahak2 la sorg2….

si mon tu pun kena gak… sbb degree dia in arts, diploma dia pulak professional diploma…. not qualified by jpa ckp pnelists tu.. si mon tu pun terkejut.. dia sendiri x tau.. it means berdasarkan qulification dia cuma boleh ajor level sijil jer… ala… aku x pernah tau pulak qualification professional diploma ni x membolehkan, melayakkan kita mengajar… apsala ek? aku pikir x de masalah.. as long as dalam bidang yg sama… tah la.. memana pekerja kementerian pendidikan yg tau tolong lah bg jawapan..

sok mock teaching pulak.. tah apa la aku nak bebel kat depan tuh… huhuhuhuhu…hahahahahaha.. i try to be as creative laa… students centered learning tu plg penting…

cau cin cau….


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My first handphone… ericson T250

My first mobile number… 013 ++++ – TM Touch

My first day at school…. wore a big name tag yellow color, with school uniform..

My first baking….. at my preschool, making jemput-jemput

My first car… perodua kenari

My first motorcycle….. suzuki v1oo

My first love… Allah, My God

My first cry… immediately when i was born

My first job…. waiter at Banquet Dept.

My first business…..jual asam jeruk when i was 10 y.o.

My first computer… never own 1 so far, borrowing from my husben

My first lipstick…. maybelline, my uncle bought for me…

My first eating nando… last week with my sis

My first eating keeny rogers…. a year ago with my hubby.. heheheheh

My first bank account……. BSN

My first tumbdrive…. 128mb

My first car accident… this year.. terlanggar blkg keta org daaaa

My first presentation…. about child-rearing in Islam, at uia pj

My first island holiday… pulau langkawi

Handphone Hilang…

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Today is my sad day….. I lost my handphpne in my office yesterday… The last time i used the hp was on 5.25 pm when i read my sister’s sms. Then i placed it on my table, in my cubicle. At that time, I was ready to go back, but suddenly i changed my mind. I remembered i have not uploaded the valentine potluck pictures. I thought i can spend some times to upload all the pictures in the office’s computer because it would not take a long time.

After i finished uploaded all the pictures (i spent 10 min for this), i went to my cubicle which is about 6 feets from the desktop. I grabbed my handbag and laptop bag, walked to another computer to shut it down. An officemate was still in the office, but she was about to go back as well. The time was 5.50 pm. I went down before my officemate. I used back stair, I entered surau from the back door to take my prayer clothes (telekung). At that time, I don’t hold anything in my hand except my handbag and my laptop bag on my shoulder.

I went to may car, put the two bags on the front seat, started the engine and drove it to block B where i parked to scan out. After i scanned my thumb, i drove straight to my home. Only when i arrived home i noticed my hp was not in my handbag ( i usually put my hp and purse in my handbag). I recalled, and realized i had left it on my table.

I came back to the office when it was almost 6.30 pm. But my hp was not on my table! I spent 2 hours looking for my hp in the office. Actually, another officemate came back at 6pm as she forgot to take her purse in her drawer. So the time i lost my hp is between 6 – 6.30 pm.

My hubby said it might be the thief is among my officemates since all of us have the office’s key. My friend said it might be the security guard who took it because the security guards have a key for each room (in case of emergency). It happened when a senior in my office lost her hp in one night when she left the hp charging and forgot to take it before she went back. The next morning, her hp was stolen.

Arhhh…. My God, I love the hp. It was given by my dear husband. And it is not a normal hp. I was a DOPOD PDA phone. My husband loves the hp too. He gets angry I lost it. I think it is a mistake i used the hp because he is the one who bought it. This is what i always forgot…. always forgot not to use other people’s belonging, because when something unexpected happens, like i am having right now, I am unable to replace with the same or better thing, I am very afraid to tell the person it was stolen/broken/spoil/missing, etc, and i am very afraid to face the consequences of being scolded.

What i can do now, i pray to my the only one God, Allah. Only He knows what had happened to my hp and who took it. Only He has the power to make my lovely hp comes back to me so that my hubby would not angry to me, again…


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Dalam Al Quran tercatat peristiwa yang dapat dijadikan panduan dengan isu semasa umat islam. Sebagai contoh surah Al-Hasyr (pengusiran). Dalam Surah Al-Hasyr Allah menjelaskan bagaimana pengusiran golongan yahudi bani nadir yang berhasrat untuk menentang Nabi Muhammad SAW yang akhirnya membawa kepada pengusiran mereka dari Madinah.

Peristiwa Hijrah Nabi Muhammad SAW berhijrah ke Madinah, Nabi SAW membuat perjanjian dengan orang madinah dan termasuk orang yahudi laknatullah. Namun orang yahudi bani nadir tidak setia kawan dan mengkhianati perjanjian dengan Nabi SAW dan merancang untuk membunuh Nabi SAW. Bani nadir merancang untuk membunuh Nabi SAW dengan cara membaling batu ke atas kepala Nabi SAW. Peristiwa ini tercetus kerana mereka merasakan bahawa kaum mereka kuat dan tiada tandingan disebabkan oleh kaum mereka tinggal di dalam benteng (kubu). Amr bin Jihash rela hati ingin membaling batu besar terhadap Rasulullah SAW. Lantas Allah SAWT meriwayat perintah melalui malaikat kepada Rasulullah SAW supaya tidak memasuki perkampungan bani nadir dan berpatah balik ke Madinah.Rasulullah SAW mengarahkan tentera supaya bersiap sedia dan mengisytihar perang terhadap bani nadir

Disebabkan bani nadir melanggar perjanjian, Rasulullah mengarahkan anggota tentera mengepung bani nadirdan tidak membenarkan sebarang aktiviti keluar masuk samada dagangan dan orang perseorangan. Rasulullah SAW memberi arahan agar ditebang segala tanaman pokok tamar dan dibakar.Kisah tersebut menjelaskan bahawa Rasulullah memboikot kaum yahudi berdasarkan kepada perbuatan bani nadir yang melanggar perjanjian. Bukan kerana suka –suka dan terpaksa. Rasulullah SAW memerangi kaum yahudi dengan MENGEPUNG dan MEMUSNAHKAN sumber makanan dan ekonomi mereka. Cuba kita relate dengan isu semasa. Adakah umat islam kini mampu mengepung dan memerangi Israel dan amerika laknatullah dari segi persenjataan? Tepuk dada, Tanya iman anda………


Tetapi kita mempunyai pilihan lain, iaitu dengan memboikot ekonomi musuh islam…..pomboikotan umat islam terhadap barangan Israel dan amerika adalah disebabkan permusuhan dan pembunuhan terhadap penduduk palestin. Isu pemboikotan sekarang ini harus dihentikan sekiranya TIADA LAGI PEMBUNUHAN DI KALANGAN PENDUDUK ISLAM PALESTINE. kita tidak membenci kaum yahudi tetapi berdasarkan kepada segala perlakuan dan perbuatan serta tindak tanduk mereka menindas jutaan nyawa rakyat palestin . Persoalannya sekarang, bila Israel laknatullah nak berhenti dari menyerang penduduk palestin?….bila…dan bila…? Bila boikot ni harus dihentikan….bila…dan bila..? Tepuk dada, Tanya iman anda………

Kaum yahudi mewujudkan persoalan yang berbunyi sebegini. Wahai Muhammad, engkau menasihatkan kami agar jangan melakukan kerosakkan di muka bumi dan mempersalahkan sesiapa yang berbuat demikian tetapi engkau yang mengarahkan tentera untuk memusnahkan dan membakar pokok tamar milik kami.Apa yang dapat lihat di sini adalah kaum yahudi menggunakan risalah islam untuk mempertikaikan tindakan Nabi SAW dan ingin membuktikan bahawa mereka “innocent”. Tetapi mereka tidak pula sedar dan membangkitkan isu perlanggaran perjanjian dan hasrat ingin membunuh Nabi SAW. Mereka hanya nampak kesalahan orang lain tanpa mempedulikan kesalahan yg mereka lakukan.Itulah sikap kaum yahudi apabila tersepit akan menggunakan perbagai helah supaya mereka kelihatan “innocent”. Cuba kita relate dengan isu semasa. Bagaimana sikap Israel terhadap dunia? Pelanggaran perjanjian gencatan senjata? Perjanjian damai..?

Maka turunlah Firman Allah dalam surah Al-Hasyr ayat 5 yang berbunyi

“Apa saja yang kamu tebang dari pohon kurma (milik orang-orang kafir) atau yang kamu biarkan (tumbuh) berdiri di atas pokoknya, maka (semua itu) adalah dengan izin Allah; dan karena Dia hendak memberikan kehinaan kepada orang-orang fasik. ”

Allah memerintahkan dengan keizinan-Nya, pokok tamar ditebang dan dibakar adalah kerana perbuatan tersebut dapat membinasakan mereka dan satu penghinaan terhadap orang-orang yang fasik. Akhirnya, bani nadir terpaksa menyerah diri dan dijatuhkan hukuman. Mereka diusir dari madinah dan dibenarkan membawa keluar harta yang termampu diusung keluar dan tidak dibenarkan membawa senjata.


“Membeli segala produk mereka (Israel dan sekutunya) sama dengan menambah hujaman peluru ke jantung saudara dan anak-anak di Palestina atau dalam erti kata lain, mendukung operasi dan keagresifan mereka,” kata Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, dalam kempen pemboikotannya, (10/1/2008).

Fatwa telah di keluarkan…..mengapa kita tidak memboikot lagi?…………….keizinan siapa yang kita perlukan? Kerajaan? Pemerintah…………tepuk dada tanya iman anda

Mohd Zaid Hassan @ Abdul Rahman

Boycott Israel’s Products

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Semua org Islam sedunia dah isytiharkan boikot brg2 Israel yg zalim tuh… as a Muslim, aku x terkecuali…. setakat ni aku masih mampu bertahan x bli mcd, kfc, burgerking, prego, pizzahut, domino, lux, sunsilk, tesco, etc la… tp yg aku ade beli sblm start boikot colgate. And lps boikot ade bli brg nestle, coz aku dah biasa minum milo  hari2…

Wlwpun aku x mampu boikot 100%, at least yg aku boleh elak tu aku elak… mcm tringin nk mkn burger, aku bli burger malaysia biasa tu… ayam special satu!! nk mkn kfc, aku bli ayam, balik umah grg la dgn tepung ayam goreng tuh, or goreng perap dgn jintan manis… perhhhh lg sedap dr kfc… tp mcm milo x bole lg buang habit tuh… so aku suka minum milo. 2 3 hari sekali mesti nak minum milo… ni ok la, dah kurang, masa kat hostel dulu, hari2 mesti nk kena milo. Kalu x dpt minum, terkecap2 je lidah ni… try replace air lain pun x sama mcm milo.

Tp, aku sedikit kecewa la org sekeliling aku x bersungguh2 boikot brg israel…. adik aku n kwn2 nya g bedal mcd,murah diorg ckp yg lunch set ni, kakak kat opis aku bli kfc, jiran aku mkn pizzahut, adik ipar aku pun sapu mcd masa kat klia ari tuh… Ingin sekali aku kabarkan pd mereka, bygkan dgn duit yg terkumpl tu israel serang negara kita Malaysia… dan kita hidup as refugee, anak terpisah dr mak, suami kita mati ditembak bertubi2 di depan mata kita…. kehilangan ahli keluarga dan org tersayang, rumah kita hancur cuma tinggal debu…. adakah masa tuh kita akan rasa berbangga memberi keuntungan dr segi kewangan pd musuh agama kita?? Tp semua tu cuma terluah dlm hati jer…

Ingin aku panjatkan soalan pd Tuhan Ku… Kenapa mesti Israel tu terlalu kejam? Kenapa x ade perasaan belas kasihan sesama manusia pd org yahudi? Kenapa mesti ade manusia sezalim Yahudi di muka bumi ini? All the questions have only 1 answer – Only Allah knows…..

Aku Yg Stress Tika Ini…

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Yesterday was a historical day in my life… coz my sister in-law departed to Australia to further her study in master level. She went with her hubby and 2 small kids. So, all of my in-law family members were at the airport. But, the main point I wanna jote down here is not about her, instead, it is about me.

I have been married for 4 years, but still I have not pregnant yet. So, it really causing a stress in my brain and worry in my heart. Everywhere I go, people will ask me, or my hubby… ” X de anak lg ke?, berdua lg ke?” So, sbb dah selalu sgt org tanya, I am getting bored answering that stupid question. Stupid la, because dah nampak kemana2 berdua jer, lg nak tanya mana anak. Busybody gak. Kalau ade anak, dah tentula takkan berdua jer. For some people, when I answered “x de lg, or lum ade rezki”, diorg akan buat muka terkejut, terbeliak mata. Kenapa ek, teruk sgt ke x de anak lg? Berdosa besor ke, or satu kesalahan berat di sisi agama dan undang2 ke bg seorg perempuan yg belum dikurniakan zuriat? Perasaan masa tuh, geram, marah, sakit hati, bengang, etc la….  Paling best, mak mertua aku tuduh aku tak nak anak! Dan malukan aku dpn org ramai cakap aku gemuk, sbb tu aku x beranak lg!! Oh My God, who on earth is she?? Seorg ibu mertua tu x sepatutnya ckp mcmtuh n memalukan menantu pempuan dia dpn org ramai.. tu yg aku kecik hati sgt amat. Mana2 menantu pempuan kat dunia ni mcm tuh, bukan aku jer. Normal la…

So, bile ade org buat muka mcm tuh, Ya Allah…., rasa menyirap je dlm hati ni…., kdg2 , jeling balik kat diorg. Hahahaha… I am type or person who cannot pretending or hiding my real emotions. If I like or dislike, comfort or discomfort of anything, I show it through my facial expression uncontrolly and unconsciously. Non-hypocrite, transparent punye org. I am pity to my hubby. Teruk dia kena sindir and perli. He is stronger than me. When people asked such stupid question, dia dgn sabarnya menjawab “lum rezki lg” dgn senyuman, tanpa rasa jemu. Yg x best tu, family member sendiri yg buat2 x phm, terutamanya ipar-duai aku, yg setiap kali jumpe mesti tanya…. dah tau x de, lg nak tanya… mcmamana la x bosan nak jumpe diorg, dah asyik tanya soalan yg sama, naturally, sape2 kat tempat aku pun akan cuba mngelak dr berjumpa coz nak elak dr ditanya soalan bodoh yg memalukan.

Yesterday, (haa… here the main points of the story), my hubby told me a story, about her father and brothers. He said his father said it again (when I am not around with him), “x de anak lg, kawin lain la…” and the second brother said “cari lain la, cari cikgu kat Kuantan sorg. KL sorg”.  The third brother pun pernah ckp almost the same. Sanggup diorg ckp mcm tuh… tergamak diorg ckp mcmtuh… aku nak kata bodoh, diorg semua tu pandai. Kata2 diorg tu cuma menyemarakkan api, menggoncang masjid Allah yg dah dibina oleh aku dan hubby…. so, statement bodoh yg dikeluarkan oleh org yg pandai.  Supposely, diorg ckp la from positive view.

So, skrg aku mmg sgt stress.. tertekan… geram… bengang… x tau mcmana nak handle these feelings and situation. I asked my hubby truly and deeply, is he really wants to marry another woman for the sake of getting child? He answered “Tak. Cukupla awak seorg utk abg.” Uhh… I don’t trust the answer… coz he is a man! I tried to dig his feeling.”Nanti sy carikan seseorg yg sesuai utk abg, yg cantik, yg perfect (coz he promised me if he had to do so, he wants me to find and choose). But, he said, “Nape ckp mengarut ni? X payah pikir la.. Abg pun x pikir ke situ”. He added, “Hei, awak seorg pun x terjaga. Jaga awak je cukup la…” hahahahaha…. I don’t trust 100% on man, even my hubby. But, at least, jawapan dia tu buat aku lega sekejap… coz aku tau dlm masa terdekat ni dia takkan buat mcm tuh. Dan sbb aku tau, we loved one another, we so attached together, and we feel “empty” when we are not together. Utk masa akn dtg…??  2 3 tahun lg, masa tu masalah dah selesai… dgn izin Tuhan, aku lahirkan anak kembar masa tuh… bg buka mata diorg yg mulut laser and pandang rendah kemampuan aku.

So, kpd 3 org hamba Allah tu, yg ckp ikut suka mulut, “think before you speak. Take into accounts the negative consequences that might happen as the result of your words. Whatever you said, ia takkan mencairkan cinta saya pd encik Z and cinta encik Z pd saya.” Wlwpun aku geram, kecik hati dgn kata2 diorg, tapi, for the sake of my beloved hubby, I keep my mouth shut.  And utk my encik Z, I Love You Very Much… I want the whole world to know how grateful I am to have u as my husband! Awak adalah hadiah dr Tuhan utk saya yg tiada tara nilainya di dunia dan akhirat. Yg pasti, nobody can replace you in my heart.